Saturday, August 16, 2014

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  1. List of 5 things:
    Mickey Sauter (favorite colors are blue and purple)

    1. I am a Christian and proud of it

    2. I am really obsessed with marching band and will debate people for hours if they talk badly about it. I actually got a concussion last year in it from getting hit in the head with a flag during a football game show.

    3. I love running, cooking, sewing, music, writing, and many things that require creativity

    4. I love to be outdoors and do things like camping (in a tent), soccer (on a team) biking, marching band (at AHS) hiking, skiing, etc...

    5. I love anime and Japan. Its a place I really want to go to on my bucket list. I want to learn Japanese and possible live there for a while or move there if I really like it.

  2. My list of five things that the class should know about me:

    Bree Peterson

    1) I have been a vegetarian for five years.

    2) I love singing and am in Choralettes.

    3) I am part of Link Crew (a-team).

    4) I love to draw and write.

    5) I love horror films, anime, doctor who, sherlock, and HARRY POTTER.